25 Celebrity Now And Then Pics That Will Blow You Away

No matter how beautiful or handsome your favorite celebrities are, they’re just as susceptible to the effects of Father Time as everyone else. It may not seem that way, though, after hours in the makeup and wardrobe departments, with professional photographers and the latest in Photoshop software. Good or bad, the inevitable changes brought on by age are noticeable, especially in these 25 celebrities.


Justin Timberlake


Losing the curls from his NSync days, J.T. is now an A-lister who’s one of the world’s best selling artists, was the featured act of the Super Bowl halftime show, and married Jessica Biel.

He’s also a budding actor, with multiple credits to his name, a 6-handicap golfer, and an active philanthropist with his foundation that’s funded music education programs in schools.

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