Genius Vending Machine Saves Stray Animals – and the Environment!


Turkey is known for the many stray animals roaming around its cities. More than 150,000 stray dogs and cats can be found in Istanbul alone. While a lot of locals are okay with the dogs wandering around, there are still some who don’t want strays roaming the streets because they believe that they are dangerous and that they carry disease.

So Pugedon, a company in Turkey, has completely changed the game. They created a campaign that not only teaches people how to recycle and save the environment but also feeds and helps stray dogs. They placed vending machines that releases dog food in exchange for plastic bottles all over Istanbul. These amazingly simple vending machines not only help save the earth but they also are a huge help in saving stray dogs.

The vending machine only releases dog food when you donate a plastic bottle but…

Anyone is welcome to donate water for the stray animals.

This campaign is a brilliant because it is hitting three birds with one stone: teach the kids how to recycle, help save the environment and save stray dogs!

Check out the full video below. It is amazing!