Save with Hotel Tonight Aces App


Hotel Tonight offers a last-minute booking app with its Aces system. It delivers last-minute rates on your mobile device whether you’re looking for a place to stay tonight, tomorrow or next week.

How It Works

When hotels have rooms that have not been booked they load them on the Aces system which translates to incredible deals for you.

Hotel Tonight screens every hotel they feature to insure a quality stay that won’t disappoint. This app offers flexibility that lets you be a bit more spontaneous while still knowing you’ll find a good price and a hotel you’ll love.



Aces is an in-app chat feature which links guests with the company’s team of insiders. It offers things like access to local tips and recommendations for room and hotel requests. It is more than a booking service as it works as an advocate.

Hotel Tonight’s founder and CEO Sam Shank put it this way. “We can provide real value for our customers by doing this, and so far the customers love it. Our average response time is 20 seconds and it feels just like you are texting a friend.”

Cities Represented

This app can be used in approximately 150 cities in North America, as well as cities in Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

Users can also sign up to be notified about special deals and limited-time offers.


Hotel Tonight works to maintain security and integrity with this service. They are PCI compliant which means credit card information is totally secure.

They even invite users to email them if they think they spot a security vulnerability and promise to investigate and respond.

For specific information regarding what information they collect and how they use it, be sure to visit their website.

This app is one way to save some serious money on last minute reservations. Prices are updated early in the morning along with all the full hotel details including how big it is and what kind of services and amenities they provide.

Photo credits: HotelTonight