Swimming with Pigs in the Caribbean


Beach vacations in the Bahamas are popular choice but the “pig beach” on Big Major Cay in the Bahaman island of Exuma offers a totally unique experience of swimming with the pigs not far from the Grand Isle Resort and Spa.



Exuma is nestled amid an archipelago of 365 islands, located just south of Nassau and only 40 minutes from Florida. This is an amazing destination with crystal clear turquoise waters and remarkable animals that dominate their own island. It’s a location that boasts celebrity residents including Johnny Depp, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw and David Copperfield, but the real stars are the swimming pigs.


Swimming with Adorable Pigs

While at first the thought of swimming with pigs may seem a little strange, the pigs that live on the island of Exuma have been there for generations and swimming with them is a growing, international sensation and an item being added to bucket lists around the globe. In fact Exuma’s swimming with the pigs attracts thousands of tourists every year.

If you don’t really want to swim with the pigs you can enjoy watching them swim out to your boat where they will expect to get fed.

Tours Available

Along with swimming with the pigs, other tours are available with local captains and tour guides who were born and raised in Exuma, Bahamas. Tours available include: snorkeling, deep sea fishing, reef fishing (try Bahamian-style hand line fishing), sightseeing, conch diving, spearfishing, and more.

Whether you want to take a walk on the beach, wade out to a sand bar, snorkel Thunderball Grotto, or visit the sunken drug plane, this destination offers a host of things to do and see. You might even see a sea turtle! If you want, you can even make arrangements to dive for your own conch and lobster.

Photo credits: Mike Corey