The 15 Wildest Party Hotspots in the World

12. Montreal, Canada

Combine Las Vegas and Miami, place them in a northern climate, and you get Montreal – party capital of Canada. You won’t have to worry about its main language, French, because Montrealais understand English quite well. The city is lovely and the food is top-notch, but what sets Montreal apart is the female-to-male ratio.  Montreal is known for having significantly more women than men, so if you’re out to meet a single lady this is the place for you.

The drinking age is only 18 and the bars stay open until 3 am, so it’s not surprising that young people in Montreal are always up for a party.   Something else Montreal is known for is its no-holds-barred strip clubs where full contact is permitted. Need other reasons to go? Short, cheap flights from the U.S. abound and inexpensive hotels can be found with just a bit of searching. Just avoid traveling there in the winter, as the city does get bitterly cold.

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