The 15 Wildest Party Hotspots in the World

9. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is the pearl of Argentina and it offers amazing, unique experiences for its visitors. It has beautiful wide boulevards with incredible food and a nightlife that puts most South American cities to shame. With is own glamour that looks like no other city, Buenos Aires has a sophisticated charm. The cost of living is much lower in Buenos Aires than in other major capitals, so you will be able to find plenty of affordable hotels and sometimes even low cost air fare.

Buenos Aires gives New York a run for its money when it comes to 24 hour non-stop partying. You can enjoy Tango shows in the streets and the best beef in the entire world. Apart from that, you’ll find the best wines and the classic Argentinian coffee alternative, yerba mate.  Whether your preference is swanky cocktail lounges or no-frills pubs, live music venues or snooty wine bars, Buenos Aires something for everyone.

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