These Hilarious Celebrity Photoshop Fails Will Make You Ask ‘Why?’

Ah, Photoshop. We both love and hate you. While most people have come expect to see a certain degree of digital manipulation when it comes to portraying celebrities, sometimes it just gets taken too far.


Check out these Photoshop disasters that show someone should have just stepped away from the mouse.

Stair Slip Up


No one would ever think that Beyonce would need the wonders of Photoshop. Some of her fans were quick to point out that there was something amiss in this picture of the Queen B descending a flight of stairs, however.

About four stairs up from the bottom, you’ll notice that the stair suddenly becomes a bit crooked in Beyonce’s thigh gap. Hmm, maybe that thigh gap was helped along a bit with some retouching?  Beyonce, how could you?

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