Trend Watch: Storm Glass

If you have visited someone’s office recently you may have spotted a teardrop shaped glass vessel with white crystals floating in a clear liquid. What is this strange device you may have wondered? If you were too afraid to ask, here’s the answer: chances are what you saw was a storm glass.

Storm glasses have been around since the mid 1800s but in recent years they have become commercially available and are now popular gifts for the office and home.

Storm glasses come in all shapes and sizes, but to our eye the teardrop shape is the most elegant. Supposedly the crystals suspended in the glass can predict and even mimic weather changes. For example, if it’s supposed to rain soon the crystals will float to the top and gently fall to the bottom like raindrops.

Does a storm glass actually predict the weather? Who knows, but it’s still a cool office gift or home decor accessory.

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